Friday, May 1, 2015

Red Neck with a Big Dick

Sleeping Men Gunner Hicks is a Marine, a Devil Dog and this is his very first video. I have many friends in the military and a lot of them have appeared in my films and videos. It’s not unusual for these guys to be passing by and needing a place to stay, and my buddies usually refer them here. I’m more than glad to have them stay over, share some drinks and a good meal with them, listen to their stories and if everything clicks the right way, slip in a sleeping seduction along the way! Well, that’s just the way it went down with Gunner, just check it out!

I let Gunner crash in my bed and I slept on the couch. Hey, this guy is used to sleeping in barracks and sleeping bags, so I was more than glad to let him sleep comfortably. I proceeded cautiously to make sure this marine wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the seduction, that’s certainly something you don’t want happening! Turns out Gunner is a solid sleeper, making my job all that easier. I pulled the sheets away from his body and ran my fingers down his back, all the way to the rim of his shorts, pulling them down to expose his sexy butt! He’s got nice buns and one hot ass crack, man! Mmmm, gives you all sorts of dirty ideas!

I could see the bulge forming under his shorts, he was getting pretty hard and I guess I got pretty careless! I reached under his shorts and grabbed his cock, but he started to move around and fumble, sending me into full retreat mode! Hicks didn’t wake up, but I let 35 minutes pass to make sure it was safe to continue my seduction. This time around I managed to pull his juicy throbbing member under his shorts, he’s got a long, beautiful cut dick with nice hairy balls to go along with it. With renewed enthusiasm I took that hard shaft like the mast of a flag and stroked it vigorously, letting all that sexual tension in Gunner build up until he started cumming SO hard! The jizz from his balls was blasting all over the place, splattering on his boxers, bed sheets, his body, his dick and balls and my hands! Sweet! By the end, his chest was glazed in his own cum, he even had some droplets on his neck and lips, delicious! Sleeping men are my passion.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Free Sleeping Men Video

Straight Wrestler Theo

Sleeping wrestler with a sleek shaved head, tattooed and super studly, Theo is a double threat! An amateur wrestler and a surfer! This guy is as wicked hot on his surf board riding the waves as he is in the squared circle, dropkicking his opponents and making them submit! I checked him out a couple of times at the beach and tried to pick up a conversation, but I kinda got the cold shoulder from him. Hey, you just can’t click with everybody, you know?

A couple of nights later, my buddies invited me to a local sports gym, where they were putting together a wrestling show, and to my surprise, Theo was there. He kicked ass and despite my previous awkward encounters, I decided to go ahead and congratulate him. Theo was all smiles and said he recognized me from the beach!

As it turns out, surfing gets Theo in the zone, it’s his way of meditating, you might say, so he doesn’t really let anything else get in at that time, but now he was more than happy to talk about surfing, wrestling and life in general. I talked to him about my studio and said I’d be glad to get some footage of him and maybe shoot a pictorial or two, which would give him great material to market himself.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Free Sleeping Men Video - Dawson Parker

A load of surfers have passed by the studio and have been seduced in their sleep, you know it! However, Dawson Parker is the very first surfboard shaper that gets his thick cock shaped up and milked while he dozes off! Several surfers I’ve worked with in the past have told me about this guy and I’ve wanted to meet him, so I set up an appointment for him to work on one of my vintage boards with the excuse of it being a rare piece and me being hesitant to take it out of the studio, he agreed to come over and check it out.

It was supposed to be a quick visit, but we stayed up all night talking surf, surfboards while drinking coconut rum & gin. Dawson drank enough that he thought he should not drive and asked to stay the night, of course I agreed. At the crack of dawn I was up and ready to seduce this shaper of surfboards, quietly filming every step of the process, and finally seeing, and feeling, what that knobby bulge under his shorts actually looks like when set free.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Free Sleeping Men Videos - Sucking straight friend off while camping

Just like in wrestling, everybody has a gimmick when it comes to picking up straight guys and getting to suck their hard dicks in their sleep. For my buddy Blake, his gimmick has become his camping tent. I have to be honest, I’m jealous of him, because Blake has a perfect record: every single straight guy he has invited to camp with him has got his dick sucked and made to cum hard by Blake. I think some of them even repeated the trip, lol!

I love challenges, and I threw one Blake’s way that I knew he couldn’t resist: inviting hot straight personal trainer Beau to one of his camping trips and see if he could seduce him! Blake loved the challenge and Beau didn’t even have to think twice when he got the invitation. I wondered if Beau knew what was in store, since we had already filmed him several times. This uncertainty could only make this shoot that much more exciting! It’s the middle of the night and all is silent in the camping site, except fop Beau’s snoring, the sign Blake has been waiting for several hours, signaling that it’s time to commence his seduction. He caresses Beau’s biceps and chiseled chest, the straight personal trainer has some chest hair, you know, just the right amount to make a guy look super sexy.

As Blake works his way down Beau’s body, he pulls the sleeping bag that covers him, revealing his sculpted abs and those sexy muscles that run down the crotch. Blake finishes pulling the sleeping bag down and exposes Beau’s big, thick cock. Massive as it seems, it’s still limp and with a couple of strokes and jerks, Blake gets it throbbing and fully erect. Blake goes down on Beau, sucking and licking his cock, shaft and balls. He pulls back and as he admires Beau’s throbbing erection, he pulls down his boxers, releases his own hard cock and rubs it against Beau’s. Things are definitely heating up inside the tent as Blake dangles his cock so close to Beau’s face and mouth that he gets caught! Beau wakes up and decides to teach this rascal a lesson, forcing him to suck his cock and lick his balls, fucking his mouth and blowing his massive load all over Blake’s face!